Wood (Lacquer)
Ply: Maple, Mahogany-Poplar, and Maple-Poplar
Solid: Steam-Bent Maple, Walnut, Cherry, and Ash

The Throw-off

The Trick GS007 is the most durable

and precise snare throw-off. It is

machined and chromed; it matches

the look and feel of MBD lugs. The

tension knob's detents ensure it'll

never back-out, even under heavy

playing. Ball bearings give moving

part smooth action that will last for the life of your drum.


Aluminum, Brass,

Steel, and Titanium

With your input and our experience, together we can create a snare drum sound that suits your style of playing and feels at home within your drum kit. Whether you need a unique sound or a drum that works well in many musical settings, we have the materials and skills to build it. Ply snare drums are available in all maple (8, 10, or 15 plies), mahogany-poplar, and maple-poplar. All of our ply drums start off as handpicked raw shells. Solid (steam-bent) snare drums are available in maple, walnut, cherry, and ash. These drums start with the finest solid shells made by one of the most respected solid shell makers in the world. Standard features: solid MBD lugs, Trick GS007 throw-off, 2.3mm steel hoops (die-cast or brass hoops available upon request)

Wood (Wrap)

Any Ply Shell with

Sparkle, Glitter, Pearl,

or Oyster Wrap

The Mayer Bros. lug is built to

last a lifetime. It is machined

from solid aluminum and then

chromed. It retains the look of

a traditional cast lug, but is

more durable. Each lug is

attached to the drum with two hardened-steel screws.

The shell's finish ‚Äčis protected by a rubber grommet.